Thursday 7 July 2011

Another day at the bass fishing office


Its not a nine to five nor a Monday to Friday job. Its the greatest and the worst job in the world and at times I know if I stopped it wouldn't and couldn't be for long.

I’m sitting here now marking off the days that have already passed by since March. Remembering each one and the highs and the lows.

So many hours spent securing those days, worrying about them living in anticipation and hope and more anticipation. Then they are gone and I’m left with all the experiences.

I’m stopping for a few days now as its been a bit hectic – John, Paul, David, Ray, Jobst, Selby, Fintan………..its time to think a little, recoup for a few days tidy the gear and put the memories down, catch up on mail etc. Not quite half way yet not quite leaky smelly waders and broken gear repaired yet not quite panda eyes Ibuprofen and red bull breakfast time yet! Thanks so far.

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