Tuesday, 9 August 2011

A note from a friend

Hi Jim

Just got back from Norway. Bass fishing was disappointing. I didn't catch or have contact with a single bass. But I talked to the guy who did the video from Oslo fjord and he usually know where and how to catch them. Even he hadn't done as well this year as previous year. Last year he also had a decline in his catch rate. His explanation for this was partly due to cold
an long lasting winters the last few years and this year the ice didn't break until April. Another factor is the commercial fishing. It seems the bass stay in the fjord during the winter but stays still in deep holes and the commercial fishermen has found out so they net them. Runar (the guy from the video) was quite worried aboubt the impact on the recreational fishing.
Any way... I caught 3 new species that I never caught on fly before so I have enclosed some pictures of them and some pictures of the surroundings I was fishing in. Also as a bonus I came within 30 metres of a feeding humpback whale - awesome creature. I am not completely sure what the fish are called in english but I know one is cod and I think the
others are pollack and haddock.

I follow your wonderful newsletter closely and it seems fishing is reasonably good.
All the best

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