Saturday, 3 September 2011

SOCIO and economic 'values' of bass fishing

Much is made of the economic's surrounding recreational bass fishing. So much so that it is the main contributing factor that the recreational sector uses to defend and protect against the threat of possible commercial fishing and the ultimate quick destruction of the species - again! Employment, investment, sustainability, national angling spend, international angling tourism, development risks - these are all linked intrinsically to the fish in many ways in this country at this time. Linked in ways that are almost impossible to decipher as to how intricate and important they are to Irish economics at this time.

Go here for one economic interpretation.

What we seem to forget though  is the 'societal' value - that which I'm afraid we cant quantify or value from an accounting principle - we cant trade in 'pleasant experiences'. Yet these experiences are valuable beyond what any of us may know or can measure. Stress relief, unique contacts with nature, physical activity, meeting with friends, spending time alone, accomplishing and learning, personal achievements, all contribute to a sense of 'well being' that is beyond any economic measure or price - to loose this would be at an even greater cost to ourselves as a people and much more valuable than anything we can 'put in the bank' in the short term!

Go here for one Societal interpretation

An example of what can happen here

We cant stand and scratch our heads later, wondering what happened if the destruction of the species by commercial fishing was to happen. What species could be next?

Even a fishing guide fishes to 'stress down whilst fishing' 

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