Monday 16 January 2012

Availability 2012 update

I have just updated the availability for 2012. With 80 days reserved at this time and less than 10 optimum days left to fill for 2012 it does a number of things for me. It alleviates some of the stress involved in 'wondering', but it also confirms the 'new' interest in saltwater fly and lure fishing for bass is continuing and indeed strengthening.

Within those odd 71 days of bookings are recurring customers who are happy to fish with (or put up with) me whenever they can.

Everyone who has partaken in bass angling in this country, through investment in travel, tackle, clothing, guiding, workshops, B+B's, food, gifts and personal time contributes to protecting the fishery by making it increasingly valid. Bass angling can have a broad reach into many different aspects of our communities not all directly related to fishing, but nevertheless connected. It is the realisation of the benefits of these many interrelated connections that will help protect bass angling and not singular stand alone identities or operations. 

This continued and sustainable 'bass angling business' can only help to strengthen the fishery its structures and its many beneficiaries, and partnered with the type of protection successes witnessed in the post below I hope today the future is a little brighter for bass angling in Ireland.

Best regards and thanks - Jim

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