Thursday 17 May 2012

A time for reflection – click HERE

So its the ‘closed season’ again. May 15th – June 15th and I’m closed. This year its a little different though – on reading the Draft National Bass Policy one of the amendments might be in relation to this ‘closed season’ if it passes. Closed for spawning over an optimal time its a good idea and does force us to think a little.

Thing is, that optimal spawning time moves in relation to the influences – fish don’t use schedules. Many years fish have spawned before or sometimes spawn after the dates, so the policy is correct to suggest a re-interpretation.

Respecting the close of the season empowers you (even if you may have questions) as an angler to pursue the ownership, the protection, and to challenge and to contribute to the changes that are necessary now more than ever to protect and develop this fishery - like a broken record I'm saying it again - we have something that the world wants these words are taken from a post made two years ago HERE and now maybe something is changing after all.

Time to to think about what it is as anglers that we don’t know. Areas in which we fish, when we fish and how we fish, HERE in this post is another reason as to maybe why we should consider areas of conservation for specific times – we don’t know much really, we are not well informed!

This blog is loaded with similar thoughts as to those expressed in the Bass policy plan, its logical as to why that might happen. Common sense I guess. HERE is an expression of ‘socio’ benefits, HERE antagonistic questions as to why not, HERE a sample among hundreds of economic benefits, HERE the experiences, HERE the first post made on this site, the work goes on like it has done for the past five years on this site and will continue to do so. HERE and HERE……….

The fishing is closely tied to all the experiences good and bad – sometimes HERE is just too damn close.

While our politicians debate bass fishing in the Dail as seen from the post below HERE , it might be no harm to take time out and remind them of your bass angling activity in this country and the special status of the fish – click below for a change! or

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