Saturday, 20 October 2012

Max the grinder and Thomas the legend – a predator week!


Its the end of another remarkable Irish bass angling adventure. During the last few days the experiences these guys have been lucky enough to have had, have been remarkable. Fish over 80cms and others > 75 over long hard days with many fishless silent comfortable hours in wonderful environments, but the result – little in quantity but generally great in quality. Max landed another fine sample yesterday – @ 77cms





We took a little ‘freshwater’ break during stormy midweek and we tried for some ‘toothy critters’ – going ‘green’ is always a nice change and the pike provided many many opportunities even if they were a little switched off. Pike, bass, wrasse, pollack all landed over the last few days.

Thomas and Max spent a guided week here with me last year – already a third year is on their minds!  Roll on 2013 thanks for the company guys!


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