Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Change of light bites - 1

Some tactics to use for the next few days as the tidal sequence increases and decreases – July 18th to July 31st.

I’m getting ready for my third guided week beginning1-DSC_0755 on Saturday evening. Mark and Robin are returning lure fishermen who are just beginning to grasp the potential of lure fishing for bass.

We are on ‘safari’ over the next nine days spending time in three counties – Cork Waterford and Wexford. This is reasonably complex in relation to timings tides and locations but coupled to this is the new dynamic and challenge of a very very settled weather pattern with sun and high pressure. Fishing will need to be adjusted and our plans need to include the added dimension of high air temperatures and lots of sun – we need to be practical economical and tactical in our efforts over such a long time.

I’m equipping the guys with rods, reels, and lines plus lure choice – so its the usual that you are familiar with from here Illex and Smith Rods, Sunline braid, Rio fluorocarbon and Shimano Stradics Ci4’s, nothing revolutionary there just practical.

But what of lure choice, what’s in the box? What am I thinking to try and do the best I can?

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