Wednesday 10 July 2013

Elder serious bassers and dark as you like topsides


All I can say is thank you. Your emails have given me the impetus to keep going. After 10 blanks this year already, and 8 bla1-09072013379nks in total last year I was sure I had lost my mojo. I fish xxxxx, just up from the xxxxxx school at the xxxxx. Your fabulous photos have kept me going. Anyway, tonight I got down a little later than usual - 2130 (kids would not go to sleep in the heat!) I met up with a couple of kayakers and a pair of elder,serious bassers whom I meet quite often.

Encouraging words were meted out, but the story was still the same - No bass at all, at all. At this stage my confidence is quite low - (I even resorted to youtube Henry Gilbey to see if I was doing the basics of lure fishing correctly.) I set off and kept my mind clear. Everything tonight screamed bass, Full moon, spring tide an the way in, unbelievable heat (25C) and a gentle offshore breeze.

After 15 mins and about 150m covered retrieving my S-Four Mark 2 128, bang! a beauty of a take. I landed the beautiful bar of silver, with dark as you like topsides. A quick photo and a careful release back to fight another day. I kept going for another hour into near total darkness but to no avail - just satisfaction!

He measured 56cm - any idea what weight that may be?

I couldn't have done it without your words of encouragement.

Best of luck & thanks


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