Saturday 23 August 2014

Bass fishing workshop

I met Sean Kelly two days before we went to France and we completed the ‘theory’ section of my bass fishing workshop over a bright Sunday morning.

Bass fishing workshopI met Sean at lunchtime today and we finished the workshop with a practical ‘on the water’ session.

Carrying the theory to the field we both did a little work on both surface and soft lure fishing techniques, reading the water, and location development. Sean was then set free and combined it all expertly when he managed this wonderful fish on a Megabass Hazdong Magnum.

Rod: Illex S210M

Reel: Shimano Rarenium 2500

Line: Famell 6kgs by Yamamoto

The fish was taken in less than a foot of water, confirming once again that bass will feed close to shore in locations that still surprise many people. Bass fishing workshops

As a result Sean's confidence is now high, he has a natural instinct and understanding of the fish and he has the skills that he can open out and develop into his own fishing over the next few autumn months.

Often the best time for bass fishing.

Although the business may be temporarily closed for guiding services, fly and lure fishing workshops are available on request from time to time – and who knows with temperatures falling more fish might be tempted closer to our shores over the next few weeks!

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