Friday 22 August 2014

National Bass Policy

Any person with a modicum of common sense looks forward to the launch of the policy documents this morning at IFI. In this instance any person interested in the current and future state of Bass fishing should be, to some degree, celebrating the launch of the National Bass Policy.

The team members of the policy group have worked hard to achieve, what is in my opinion on the basis of the draft, a strong document. We could discuss many aspects of it over many hours no doubt!

Using the same common sense when applied to the ‘implementation’ of the policy and you quickly arrive at the conclusion that IFI is probably and more than likely under resourced in achieving all of the objectives, and this is only when you consider the Bass policy.

During the initial meetings and early formation of the first Irish Bass group, the scope of what was required to cover the wider aspects of the Bass fishery and its development coupled to protection was quickly realised. The group decided its focus was to be based on illegal fishing as a singular objective.

However it was my particular interest to develop the wider aspects of what may have been required. As is the case with many scenarios like this it ran into quicksand and stalled. Life gets in the way sometimes, its normal! This blog was a vehicle I used to get some of that bass information out there.

It is my belief today that no one single person can be ‘responsible’ for all of the aspects of Bass angling in this country no matter what they may be – this is not a criticism but rather a practical observation.

There has been much discussion here on the subject which has evolved from one anglers initial concerns about the lack of Bass in Wexford to finally arriving somewhere close to the possible meeting of people to assist the Irish Bass organisation.

Recognising the under resourcing at IFI, most companies would probably ‘outsource’ requirements, leaves the possibility of the recognition that some of the aspects of the implementation of the Bass policy could in fact be accomplished and achieved by a wider and capable group of people coupled to a proper division and allocation of diverse responsibilities and interests based on genuine trust transparency and openness.

This is how things get done.


The Policy can be found in the Bass documents library here on this website as can the original draft policy which has been available here since publication.

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