Saturday 24 January 2009

Saltwater Lure Fishing - P8 of 21 - Timings

Two weeks goooood - two weeks baaaaaaad

This is not a miss-quote from some talking farm animal but it is a very accurate indicator you can use for bass fishing in Ireland. In fact you dont really need to know much more than the following short list

  1. Spring tides fish better than neap tides
  2. The new moon often produces more fish than the full moon
  3. Good weather conditions means good bass fishing
  4. Fishing is better when the water is clear or clearing
  5. Fish early in the morning or late in the evening
  6. Fishing will deteriorate over time if the wind blows from the east

What this doesnt mean

  1. You cant catch fish on neap tides
  2. You cant catch a lot of fish when the moon is full or at any other stage
  3. Bad weather produces no fish
  4. You wont catch fish in dirty water
  5. You cant catch fish at 15:30 on a hot bright summers day
  6. All easterly breezes are bad

Below is a chart of the tidal instances between the 4th and 11th of July 2009.

Saturday the 4th of July to the 11th of July is currently reserved here at SEAi by a group of three Dutch flyfishers. They expect 5 days of good bass fishing with a seven night 6 day stay in Ireland. Arriving late on saturday we will begin fishing on Monday - which is period 7 on the x-axis. This plan has already been discussed with the group in detail several times. In other words these customers are here at a very good time to fish for bass (point one above). During this period there is a full moon (tues 7th) (point two above). July is the middle of summer (point three above) so conditions are normally good (point four above). Clients are more than willing to experience a work free environment that allows them have wonderful encounter that often go beyond fishing. (point five above). I cant influence the weather (point six and three above).

During the five days of guided fishing, plans will be made initially for the week, and then often re-made as weather and conditions dictate. Discussions and decisions are made after and during each guided session. What I like to do during a five day period like this is to introduce people to venues early in the week when we are not fishing - I walk them through locations creating 'visibility' and discussing location 'development' over tides. As the week progresses we return to these locations ready to fish - flies, lures, presentations, locations, timing of effort, safety concerns, positions have already been discussed and clients are ready and eager to fish. I try to emphasise advice afterall is only advice and people are free to take or leave it - the only time I am particularly 'tough' is when safety is an issue.

Each day that I guide I am attempting to place people into safe locations where they have the maximum opportunity to catch fish! This is done in respect of weather, tidal conditions, equipment and experience. In other words I don’t simply bring people fishing every day, I hope to guide them into situations where they can learn and achieve something from their angling experiences in Wexford – i.e. They successfully catch and return a number of bass! I can’t make them catch the fish but I can assist and demonstrate and facilitate but ultimately it’s down to the angler to take full advantage of the situation.

If as an angler you are continuously adding more variables into the equation that only serve to restrict your fishing and fishing times rather than enhancing them then you are learning nothing. There is one only one-way to boost your chances and that’s to do it and learn the craft for yourself. Bass fishing is not about an ever-increasing number of exacting situations that prevent you from going fishing. It’s not about counting fish; it’s not about catching the biggest fish, and I hope it never becomes competitively fished for in this country. Yes there are many, many factors involved that influence the fish but on any given day, on any twenty different locations, during a spring tide in summer with reasonable conditions you can expect to catch bass!

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