Monday 24 March 2014

A trout and bass note from Denmark

Hi Jim

Haven't heard more from Alan so I hope he's got everything Sea trout fishing denmarksorted out. The Danish coast is on fire at the moment with nice fish being caught all over the country. Some of the bigger ones have reached the 8 kg mark. Got my biggest of the year this weekend. 57 cm and 1,8 kg. 

I have been looking at the bass locations that I fish in the summer and one of the spots look like it's going to be a hotspot this year if the bars of silver show up. Some sand bars have formed during the winther storms creating rips. Same conditions we had a few years ago when we had a good bass year. The troughs on the inside of the bars tend to hold a lot of bait which gets flushed through the rips on the falling tide. I think/hope  it's going to be a good bass year here. Has your season begun? Really looking forward to working with you on the film project

Caspar saltwater fly fished for bass in Wexford some while back HERE and HERE

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